The award for "Partnership in achieving security – initiative of the year“


This year, the jubilee tenth Croatian grand prize in security was awarded in eleven categories.  The award is an acknowledgement of individuals, firms, institutions, the local community and anyone who contributes to the realization and development of security in the republic of Croatia.

Winners were chosen by a jury consisting of:

Vlatko Cvrtila, rector of VERN university, Zagreb, presiding jury member

Alen Ostojić, president of the Croatian association of security managers

Ana Raić Knežević, reporter

Krunoslav Borovec, dean of the High Police Academy in Zagreb

Valentina Kranželić, professor at the Educational-Rehabilitation faculty of the university of Zagreb

Božo Skoko, professor at the political science faculty of the university of Zagreb


By unanimous decision of the board of the Croatian association of security managers, Damir Trut, assistant of the minister of internal affairs of the republic of Croatia, was awarded a special award of gratitude by the Croatian association of security managers.

Tehnozavod Marusic, along with Rotary Croatia and Dahua Tehnology Croatia, was the recipient of the PARTNERSHIP IN ACHIEVING SECURITY –  INITIATIVE OF THE YEAR award.  Rotary Croatia ensured significant funds in acquiring thermalvision cameras, while Tehnozavod Marušić i Dahua Technology recognized the value of this project and contributed to its realization with their contributions.

The award was presented by Đuro Črnjak, with recipients being Danijel Jozić, Rotary Croatia representative, Krešimir Marušić, director of Tehnozavod Marušić i Toni Lovrić, representative od Dahua Technology Croatia.

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