Installation of Thermal Temperature Monitoring System in hospitals throughout Croatia

We have just installed 29 thermal vision cameras in health clinics throughout Croatia. Thermal vision cameras will serve in detecting elevated body temperatures and as such, are exceptionally useful in controlling areas with high volume of people movement, especially in hospitals. The project was financed by the Croatian Rotary Club.

„The Croatian Rotary Club has aided the community countless times and in numerous ways, and thus, we wish to aid once again in this time of crisis by means of private and Rotary Club donations. Clubs throughout all of Croatia have donated significant quantities of protective equipment, and by obtaining thermal vision cameras, our wish is to give a greater and long-term contribution. Rotary Croatia has set aside significant funds for the procurement of such cameras, and we would also like to thank the corporations of Dahua Technology and Tehnozavod Marušić, for their recognition of the value of this project and their assistance by way of their contributions”, said Danijel Lozić, Governor of the Rotary International District 1913 Croatia.


“We have recognized the value of the Rotary Club’s project, and have helped in its realization with our contribution. We feel that by using the synergy of business and humanitarian organizations that serve the community, we are always able to come up with effective responses to the challenges posed to the community in which we live and work. This project is definitively an effective and timely response.” Kresimir Marusic

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