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Technical security

Complete control over the location.

Prevention, alarming and surveillance.


Early detection and rapid response.

Fire and gas detection systems.

Audio and Video

Professional equipment and extensive experience

guarantee your satisfaction.


An advanced, reliable and interactive wide spectrum technical protection program solution enabling centralized surveillance, processing and management of system functions, independent of physical location.

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From Idea to Solution

Your ideas are transformed into technical solutions

Our highly qualified team of project engineers realizes the ideas and needs of clients in a professional manner. A starting point in the realization of any project is a clear definition of the purpose of required system, as well as the level of demand and risk for a given location. Specifics unique to each project are taken into account during the requirements gathering phase to ensure the solution meets all expectations and user needs, as well as utilizing an optimal resource level (technology, time and funds) resulting in a peak return on investment. From the installation phase to the maintenance phase, our engineering team is continuously backed 24/7 by a support team. From its foundation in 1964, through well-rounded business practices and a high degree of responsibility, Tehnozavod holds unconditional client satisfaction in the highest regard. This level of satisfaction is earned thanks to the usage of expert knowledge, experience and utilization of the latest technology.

Employee and property security, surveillance and timely reaction, are the focus of technical security and safety. This is achieved in no small part through equipment reliability and durability, preventing or minimizing potential damage along with undesirable consequences to the owners and users of the location alike.
Certificates and expertise
Kroz desetljeća rada i konstantne edukacije svojih djelatnika tvrtka Tehnozavod neprestano unapređuje svoje znanje i poslovanje.
Interpersonal collaboration, trust, dependability and product durability, as well as accessibility, are foundations of a strong partnership

A leading company in the field of technical security places high priority on partner selection. A long standing collaboration founded on trust and excellence enables partnerships with top companies worldwide. With their support and knowledge transfer as crucial aspects in daily operations, the best solutions are found and selected for any challenge a client might be faced with.

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As of 2003, Tehnozavod Marušić headquarters are located in the Kajzerica district in Novi Zagreb. This location offers good traffic connectivity, high availability and fast intervention response times.
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