„Croatian Security Days“ conference participation

Organised by the Croatian association of security managers, the 14th Croatian Security Days conference was held, which brings together top security managers and commerce leaders.  Challenges in corporate and private security in the midst of the COVID-10 situation was the main theme of this year’s conference.  Covered topics included corporate and cybersecurity, risk management and new technologies in the field of technical security, as well as contributions to corporate and individual security in this new situation.

Commerce and cybersecurity in a COVID-19 world were topics covered in panel discussions, while a third panel covered new legislation regarding private security.  A book promotion of „Corporate security in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic“ by authors Lana Djurkin König, Alen Delić, Alen Ostojić, Branko Mihaljević, as well as a raffle with proceeds for humanitarian needs, were held.

Diverto, Dahua Technology, Eccos inženjering, King ICT and Tehnozavod Marušić all presented tools for secure business. Marko Sikirica, deputy director of operations at Tehnozavod, presented the theme of digital transformation of security, as well as the Supervisor software platform as a response to the challenges of conducting business in a future with which we are already faced with.

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