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Whether we are working on a preliminary design or an offer for the equipment implementation based on bill of quantities, our first step is to define the purpose of the system and assess the level of complexity and risk associated with a given facility. Just as some cars are more suitable for long drives and others for delivery in the city center streets, so is the case when it comes to system selection for a certain facility. We have to understand the specificities in order to deliver the system that best suits your needs and offers an optimal solution in terms of technology, capacity and price.

The future system is based on a preliminary design that we develop in collaboration with the investor and the end user. Our team of 15 designers is here to ensure that the system is reliable and that it delivers the desired functionality in an optimal way.   

Considering the fact that our job is closely related to the safety of people and property, we pay special attention to the system reliability in terms of detection and durability of its work. The aim is to prevent and minimize any potential damage that could occur and have negative outcome for both the owner and the users of the facility.

In some cases the damage is measurable (in casualties, property damage and absence of earnings while the facility is out of function), but in most cases it is unmeasurable and with major consequences, like the loss of reputation or the loss of potential clients. Imagine being on vacation and having to leave your bed in the middle of the night due to a false fire alarm, while meanwhile someone seizes the opportunity and enters the room to take away your belongings.  

Which story will you tell to your friends afterwards?